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Resident Evil 6

Nintendo Switch™ version
Available on 29 October 2019
PS4 XBOX ONE available now
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Four Characters, One Fate

Resident Evil 6 was originally released in October 2012. Consisting of four separate, yet interlocking stories, players were confronted with a biological terrorist threat on a global scale. The game also drew acclaim as the first Resident Evil to feature both Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy in a single title.
As characters in each of the four scenarios cross paths and link fates, so do that of the players as they meet in up to four-player, online co-op--forever changing the face of multiplayer gaming in the Resident Evil series. Got company? RE6's cooperative multiplayer can be enjoyed offline, as well. Just don't wake the neighbors.
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Over fifteen years since the destruction of Raccoon City...
In the face of the continuing threat posed by bioterrorism, the president of the United States decides to finally shed light on the truth of what happened in Raccoon City's final days. On the day of his speech, a bioterrorist attack rocks the seminar hall--and the truth is swallowed in darkness.
However, the fight is not yet lost. In Tall Oaks, USA, Leon S. Kennedy--framed for the president's assassination--tries to save the locals from the zombie threat. In Lianshiang, Chris Redfield must combat a bioterrorism situation of his own. In the Republic of Edonia, a land wracked by civil war, Jake is hunted by...something...inhuman. And behind it all is Ada--though to what end, no one knows.
This is the story of their struggles, their triumphs, and their failures played out on a global scale.
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    Leon Scott Kennedy
    Helena Harper
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    Chris Redfield
    Piers Nivans
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    Jake Muller
    Sherry Birkin
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    Ada Wong
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Team Up in Co-Op!
In the Nintendo Switch™ downloadable version, team up with a partner in co-op on Nintendo Switch™ Online! What's more, you can also play split screen co-op using a local connection! Try various playing styles such as using two consoles or sharing Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con™ controllers between two players!
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All previously released DLC for online and offline multiplayer included.
-Survivor Mode
-Predator Mode
-Onslaught Mode
-Siege Mode
-Additional Maps


Nintendo Switch™

  • Extra content may differ from previous platforms.
Downloadable Edition

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Available on

29 October 2019

Nintendo Switch™ Trial Version Now Available!


Nintendo Switch™ Trial Version Now Available!

Benefits for Purchasing After the Trial!

Enjoy the Prelude and Chapter 1-3 of Chris' campaign in this downloadable trial available in the Nintendo eShop. If you purchase the game after you're done, you can transfer your trial data! Not only can you begin from the following stage, but you can also save your Completion Rank, Skill Points, Records, and Library content! How about acquired items and skill points? You can transfer them all! As another benefit for buying the game after your trial, you can unlock Chris and Piers' EX1 costumes! Change into the costume immediately and enjoy the game in this new outfit!

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Downloadable Edition


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