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Fear Never Grows Old

Resident Evil 5 was first released in 2009.
Similarly, it's been ten years since Chris Redfield's first brush with fear at an old mansion in Raccoon City. Now, in a blistering land far away from home, Agent Redfield must eliminate a new threat and an old nemesis--Albert Wesker.
Traverse areas of blinding light and impenetrable darkness in the first Resident Evil bold enough to bring horror into the daylight. With online and couch co-op, you need not face the fear alone.
Enter Sheva Alomar--a powerful new ally. Together, she and Chris will pit themselves against an incredible enemy to determine which is stronger, their fear or their faith in each other.
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Ten years ago, the Umbrella Corporation unleashed a biological threat of unprecedented proportions on Raccoon City. Chris Redfield, one of the few survivors of the incident, is now working as an agent for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA). His mission: head to the Kijuju Autonomous Zone in an undisclosed African country and apprehend an arms dealer specializing in biological weapons. Little did he know that a darker force was at play--one that bore a familiar face...
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    Chris Redfield
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    Sheva Alomar
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Team Up in Co-Op!
In the Nintendo Switch™ downloadable version, team up with a partner in co-op on Nintendo Switch™ Online! What's more, you can also play split screen co-op using a local connection! Try various playing styles such as using two consoles or sharing Nintendo Switch™ Joy-Con™ controllers between two players!
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This game contains the following additional content:
-The Mercenaries United
-Lost in Nightmares
-Desperate Escape
-Versus Mode
-Additional Costumes
  • *The Mercenaries United is a combination of ”The Mercenaries” and ”The Mercenaries Reunion”. It does not contain new content.
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New Update Enables Motion Controls with the Joy-Con™!
Do you want more than the standard controls? With this update, you can now access motion controls via the Joy-Con™!
Aim with a weapon, perform a knife attack, reload ammo, and shake free from enemies!
  • Note: These Joy-Con™ functions are only compatible with dual-controller grip.
  • However, aiming with a weapon is available when using handheld mode, a Nintendo Switch™ Lite, Joy-Con™ solo horizontal grip, or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.


Nintendo Switch™

  • Extra content may differ from previous platforms.
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Benefits for Purchasing After the Trial!

Enjoy Chapter 1-1: Civilian Checkpoint in this downloadable trial available in the Nintendo eShop. If you purchase the game after you're done, you can transfer your trial data! Not only can you begin from the following stage, but you can also save your Completion Rank, Clear Time, Records, and Library content! How about acquired items such as weapons, ammo, herbs, and money? Although they have maximum limits, you can transfer these too! As another benefit for buying the game after your trial, you can unlock the 'Safari' EX costume for Chris! Change into this costume immediately and enjoy the game in this new outfit!

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