7th May, 2020

  • Resident Evil 3

The Classic Costume Pack is now available, containing two designs based on the 1998 original, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis!

The Classic Costume Pack is available now! This pack adds new costumes for Jill and Carlos inspired by their designs in 1998's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

These old-school looks are sure to stir up memories for those who have played the original classic, and offer a unique vintage style for those who haven't.

  • Notes:
  • Costumes can be changed from the "Costume" section of the game menu.
  • The costumes in this pack are identical to the "Jill and Carlos Classic Costume Pack" previously distributed as a pre-order bonus.
  • The costumes in this pack cannot be used in Resident Evil Resistance.

Classic Costume Pack

  • PS4