August 5, 2020

  • Resident Evil 3

In-game rewards unlock DLC for the Resident Evil 3 campaign available for purchase!

This DLC, available for purchase on August 6, will instantly unlock all of the in-game rewards which were previously only obtainable with points earned from completing in-game challenges.
As soon as you purchase this DLC you'll gain access to Jill's S.T.A.R.S. uniform, powerful weapons, and more, even if you're just playing the game for the first time!

Rewards unlocked with purchase:
- Nightmare and Inferno game modes
- Models for the in-game model viewer
- Concept art galleries
- The in-game shop, along with all items purchasable in the shop

  • Note: All of the above contents can also be earned by playing the game and completing challenges.
  • Any items previously purchased in the shop will still be available, doubling their maximum quantity, with the exception of the Hip Pouch.
  • No parts of this DLC can be used with Resident Evil Resistance.
Purchase here!

RESIDENT EVIL 3 All In-game Rewards Unlock

  • PS4