Resident Evil Resistance

New skins for Survivors and creatures, and new skill cards for the Mastermind!

A new update is now available for Resident Evil Resistance, which includes multiple balance adjustments along with new content!

Mastermind players can collect 7 zany new creature skins, or concoct new strategies with 26 new skill cards, some of which are exclusive to specific Mastermind characters.
Survivors gain a whopping 28 new skill variants, 21 character skins, and 18 weapon skins.
There are also 10 new gestures including ones for Survivors and zombies, so everyone can let loose!

Check out the road map for future updates!

Along with today's new updates, we've also unveiled a roadmap of future content, including a new "Remixed" map coming in August! We hope you're excited to see new twists on familiar locations, with the new strategic approaches they'll bring.
Updates will continue in September, so stay tuned for more info!