Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta

Important Update on Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta

The Steam Patch for the Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Test is now live! It brings updates and optimizations to matchmaking.

If you're having issues, please reboot the application to ensure you are running the latest version.

Availability Period

  • PlayStation
  • PS4
  • Steam

Now through 7:00 a.m. Friday, 3rd April (UTC)


- No play data will be saved, so closing the application will reset your progress.
(Game settings will be saved)

The Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Test has begun!
Join in to get the upper hand on your opponents when the game releases on Friday, April 3!

And the terror doesn't end there! A demo version of Resident Evil 3 is also available now!

Gameplay Pointers

We'd like to introduce some tips so that players can get more out of the Project Resistance Closed Beta Test!
We hope our Beta Test participants will read these pointers and take advantage of them!


  • A firm understanding of the map is a shortcut to a better experience. If you'd like, you can even play with the map screen displayed!

  • If cameras are malfunctioning after being damaged by Survivors, you can restore functionality more quickly by moving the left and right sticks in a rapid fashion.

  • You can surrender your command over a controlled zombie at any time by simultaneously pressing the L3 and R3 buttons (On Xbox One, you can do this by pressing the left stick and right stick).


  • When teammates acquire important items or your goal has been updated, this information will be displayed in the upper left of the screen.

  • In the first area, it's not enough to just gather the three key items; the door won't open until all four teammates are waiting together.

  • In the second area, once you defeat the Security Guard Zombie and obtain the Security Card, you must disarm three security devices.

  • In the third area, you need to destroy three red Bio Cores.

  • When someone obtains Umbrella Credits, the other Survivors will receive the same amount of Credits.

  • Using a melee weapon will decrease its Durability. If you have a Repair Kit, it will be consumed automatically to fix the weapon when its Durability falls to 0.

  • Sometimes you will spot a zombie carrying a backpack. By defeating this Supply Zombie, you can get powerful weapons and items.

  • What about the nightmare-inducing Tyrant? Is there any way to stop him!? As a strategy, we recommend running away!

  • Survivors have two types of skills: a highly versatile 'Personal Skill' and a powerful 'Fever Skill' that will come in handy when the going gets tough!

  • By shooting a camera with a gun until the camera's durability is reduced to 0, you can cause it to malfunction temporarily.

  • If you are continuously attacked by zombies, you will become infected. You can heal this infection by using a Blue Herb or Infection Treatment Spray.


  • - No play data will be saved, so closing the application will reset your progress.
    (Game settings will be saved)
  • - The availability of this beta may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • - An online connection is required to participate in this beta.


Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta

Price: Free

Supported Platforms: PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC (Steam)

Number of Players: 2 to 5, via the internet

Rating: PEGI 18

Note: Resident Evil Resistance is an online-only title included with the purchase of Resident Evil 3. Resident Evil Resistance requires an internet connection to play.