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Downloadable Content Winters' Expansion

Downloadable ContentWinters' Expansion

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Enjoy All the Horrors of
the Resident Evil Series on your
Nintendo Switch™ with
Cloud Versions of the Games!


What are Cloud Versions?

Enjoy the heart-pounding horror and gruesome graphics of the Resident Evil series on your Nintendo Switch™ via its cloud service. Now you can dive right into the action without lengthy downloads!
Join the rest of the globe in the world of survival horror!

  • Note: Games can be played in TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode.


What is "Cloud Gaming"?

Simply download the special app to enjoy playing games without needing to wait for large files to finish downloading.
As long as you have a stable internet connection, your system will continue to retrieve game data from the cloud server.

  • Note: Connection speed/strength may cause delays in retrieving data.


Game Information

Cloud Server
Large Game Files


step 01 Check Your Network Connection

Your system will constantly be communicating with the cloud server to retrieve game info, so a stable internet connection is needed.

Required Connection: Stable internet connection
(Recommended: Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5GHz or wired connection via LAN adaptor)

step 02 Download the Free Demo from the Nintendo eShop

  • 1) Access the Nintendo eShop;
  • 2) Download the demo of the title(s) you want to play.
  • Note: You must have a Nintendo Account linked to a user on your Nintendo Switch™.
  • Note: The app will not be available to Nintendo Account holders below the age of 18.
  • Note: Resident Evil Village: Cloud Version can be purchased without downloading/playing the demo version.

step 03 Purchase the Full Version After Playing the Demo

  • 1) Start the demo of the title you want to purchase from the HOME menu.
  • 2) On the portal screen that appears, select "Play Demo" to begin the game.
  • 3) Play the demo up to three times (for five minutes at a time).
  • 4) Once you've played the demo for a certain amount of time, access the Nintendo eShop and purchase the full version from the portal screen or the demo game screen.
  • 5) After confirming there are no issues playing the game, purchase the full verison from the Nintendo eShop. Once you've purchased the game, you will have unlimited access to it during the cloud service period.
  • Note: Resident Evil Village: Cloud Version can be purchased without downloading/playing the demo version.


  • - The Nintendo Switch™ Resident Evil Cloud series uses Nintendo Accounts to connect to the Ubitus cloud service.
  • - You must have a stable internet connection and a Nintendo Account to use this service. Before purchasing the full version of a title, please ensure you can run the game by playing the demo. Also, please note that a stable internet connection does not guarantee a smooth gaming experience at all times.
  • - All Resident Evil titles can only be played while the service is active. Save data is stored on the server and will be deleted once service has ended. Additionally, save data is not guaranteed to be saved and/or loaded correctly each and every time while the service is active.
  • - Service end date/time will be reported on the official CAPCOM website six months prior to the end of service.