The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries is a beloved fast-paced action-packed
extra game mode from the Resident Evil series.
Access the latest incarnation of this bonus mode after completing the main game,
now featuring a first person perspective, and more.

How Do You Play The Mercenaries?

Put simply, The Mercenaries has one simple rule: reach the goal before the time runs out. But to do that you need to defeat the enemies in each area. The better you do, the higher your score.
You can find bonus time orbs within each area to give you more time to take down creatures.
How far can you get?

Strategies for Each Stage

Pick the perfect weapons for each stage, create the best combo of abilities, and match your abilities to your fighting style!
The Mercenaries offers a wide range of different strategies to suit your play style.

The Duke's Emporium also makes an appearance, meaning you can purchase and upgrade weapons between areas.

An array of abilities are also available! In each area you can find abilities which improve your movement speed, your guard strength, and even your firepower.

Take on Even Bigger Challenges!

The difficulty ramps up with every stage, so you'll have to brush up your skills, hammer out those plans,
and fight until the last stage. A special reward is waiting for people who finish the final stage.