Resident Evil Village [Resident Evil 8]

Gameplay Demo

A playable demo featuring the village and castle areas from Resident Evil Village is available on all platforms!

Try out the game yourself for 60 minutes! You can choose which area you'd like to play in when you begin the demo.
It's up to you whether you spend your whole time in the village, in the castle, or split it between the two!

Additional Information:

  • ・Each player's time with the demo is limited to a total play time of 60 minutes.
  • ・Players can select "Continue" any number of times as long as they have remaining play time. Any players who finish the demo can replay it as long as they have play time remaining.
  • ・This demo shares a total 60 minute play time with the May 2021 demo*. If you have previously played the May 2021 demo, you will have less than 60 minutes remaining, according to the time spent playing the previous demo.
    (*Demo conducted on 2nd May 2021 0:00 AM (UTC) to 10th May 2021 0:00 AM (UTC))