The PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil Village
will be compatible with PlayStation VR2!

The main story of "Resident Evil Village" is coming to VR!

4K resolution, vivid HDR graphics, eye tracking, 3D audio,
and other advanced technologies are fully utilized to deliver an even more immersive experience.
The beauty and texture of the chandeliers and other furnishings across the already gorgeous
Castle Dimitrescu are now even more striking in VR.
The castle's inhabitants have an added presence that makes you feel as if you are right there,
and the castle's owner, Lady Dimitrescu, is particularly sure to overwhelm you. 

In addition to wearing the headset while playing,
you can grip PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers in each hand to perform intuitive actions
like aiming a weapon or holding up your arms to shield Ethan from harm.
New actions such as brandishing a knife while firing a gun
and dual-wielding a pistol alongside a shotgun have also been added!
The advanced controller will intensify the immersive experience.

Experience the ultimate immersive feeling of survival horror,
as if you have been transported straight into the world of "Resident Evil Village."
Become Ethan Winters and take on this death-defying mission.

Release Date:TBD