New in-game update adds a new stage,
playable character, and more!

The eagerly awaited first update to the game is now available to download and features the new VILLAGE stage, as well as Hound Wolf Squad member Tundra as a new playable character.

New battle stage: VILLAGE

This desolate village serves as the setting for Resident Evil Village. The field is centered around the Maiden of War statue located in the village square, and features multiple wide-open areas as well as those with plenty of cover.

New playable character: Tundra

A member of the elite Hound Wolf Squad led by Chris Redfield, Tundra is joining the fight as a playable character! This poison and virus specialist is a highly technical character, who bewilders her opponents before unleashing a devastating attack.

New DLC Character Skins Now On Sale

Two new DLC character skins, Chris Skin: Gun Show (Resident Evil 5) and Jill Skin: Battle Suit (Resident Evil 5), are now on sale! In addition, a deluxe Premium Pass is also available for purchase, and features character skins for Leon and Ada, as well as additional rewards for the Battle Pass Challenges.