New in-game update adds a new playable character and creature skin DLC!

A new update to the game is now available to download, and features the Hound Wolf Squad member Night Howl as a playable character. Super Tyrant and Hunter γ skins are available for purchase, too!

New playable character: Night Howl

A member of Hound Wolf Squad, the elite group of soldiers led by Chris Redfield. Equipped with Automated Drones that attack approaching enemies and sonic weapons effective against creatures and humans alike, this character owns the battlefield!

New Character Skin DLC available

A new update to the game adds Character Skin DLC for creatures. Creature Skin: Super Tyrant 1998 (BIOHAZARD 2) and Creature Skin: Hunter γ (Resident Evil Outbreak) are available for purchase now!

Additionally, there are also Chris and Leon Character Skins, as well as the new Premium Pass, which offers more extravagant rewards for challenges found on the Battle Pass!