• Chris Redfield

  • Jill Valentine

  • Leon S. Kennedy

  • Claire Redfield

  • Ada Wong

  • HUNK

Survivors each have their own specialties. Some are better at short-range, while others are better at mid-range; some specialize in power and others in survivability. They also have passive skills that activate automatically, as well as active skills that players can use whenever they choose.

Original Feature
Make Killer Comebacks with "Bioweapon's Revenge"!

When a survivor is defeated, their body transforms into a powerful creature, allowing them to get revenge!
Use each creature's unique characteristics to go on the offensive and rack up loads of points!

Live Out Your Revenge Fantasies

The more virus capsules you have, the more powerful the creature you become!


  • Fat Molded

  • Hunter γ (Gamma)

  • Jack Baker

  • Nemesis

  • Super Tyrant

When a survivor is downed, they transform into a creature based on the number of virus samples they have. The more samples, the stronger the creature. Creatures recover their energy gauge over time and have access to special active skills.