Leon S. Kennedy

A brave rookie police officer who survived hell on earth.
Leon is a standard character with easy-to-use weapons and skills.

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

He joins the fray from Resident Evil 2.
A rookie police officer, he was dispatched to Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) where he experienced the worst first day ever.
He has standard abilities, and makes best use of his handgun and shotgun at short- and mid-ranges.
Leon can knock opponents down with a roundhouse kick,
as well as unload with his Dual Wield skill.
Additionally, if he loses HP, he can automatically heal himself up to a certain amount.

  • Standard Weapon

  • Personal Weapon


Passive Skill : Rookie Spirit

Gradually automatically heals HP to max when HP is lowered.


  • Dual Wield

    Equips a handgun in each hand and enters the Dual Wield style.
    Increases firing rate and magazine size.
    Ends after some time passes or you switch to a different weapon.

  • Roundhouse Kick

    Uses your bodyweight to launch a short-range spinning kick forward.
    Hits multiple enemies in range, knocking them down if they're human.

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