Ada Wong

A skilled agent who effortlessly avoids disaster.
With her trusty bowgun, the battlefield is a playground to this femme fatale.

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

She joins the fray from Resident Evil 2.
An agent who came to Raccoon City for reasons not quite clear...
She claimed to be FBI and worked alongside Leon.
Comes equipped with a handgun and a powerful single-shot bowgun.
Ada has more Dodges available to her than other characters, and can even dodge while being damaged when her HP is low, giving her great survivability.
Her close-range Somersault Kick skill knocks opponents down and keeps them at a distance,
while her Pipe Bomb Arrows help her handle enemies further away.
Both skills are powerful but can't be used in rapid succession, meaning you need to know when to use them.

  • Standard Weapon

    Broom Hc
  • Personal Weapon


Passive Skill : A Spy's Wisdom

Slightly restores Dodge stamina when HP is critically low.
Temporarily allows you to perform a Dodge regardless of position.


  • Pipe Bomb Arrow

    Moves you up and launches a pipe bomb arrow in the direction of the sight.
    Explodes on impact, dealing damage to all within the blast radius.

  • Somersault Kick

    Perform a somersault kick a short distance in front of you.
    Knocks out humans hit by the attack.

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