A ruthless assassin who strikes fear in his enemies
with his Active Cloaking and Assassinate skills.

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

He joins the fray from Resident Evil 2.
An operative in the Umbrella Security Service (U.S.S.), he is known as "Grim Reaper."
He's the fourth survivor of the Raccoon City Incident.
Equipped with fully loaded handguns and submachine guns.
His Assassinate skill deals massive damage to nearby opponents.
Additionally, his Active Cloaking skill renders him invisible, while making Assassinate deal extra damage.
Take out an opponent and you'll extend Active Cloaking's effect time!
Gunplay and stealth assassination are all too fitting for the Grim Reaper!

  • Standard Weapon

  • Personal Weapon

    LE 5

Passive Skill : Tragedy of the Reaper

While Active Cloaking is active, its effect is lengthened when an opponent is hit with Assassinate.


  • Active Cloaking

    Makes you invisible and silences your footsteps for a limited time.
    Increases the power of Assassinate when active.

  • Assassinate

    Uses a knife concealed in your sleeve to
    unleash a powerful and quick stab attack.

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