Fat Molded

The weakest creature with the strongest Self-Destruct.
If you're going down, take your opponent with you...with a bang!


First appeared in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.
A human overtaken by a special strain of fungus. Devoid of intelligence, it runs on instinct alone as it hunts its prey.
It possesses standard abilities, but it can use its Self-Destruct skill
at will or when it dies to take its opponent down with it. The skill's power is increased the more the Molded attacks and is attacked. Self-Destruct is a great pressure tool as you rampage on the battlefield.

Virus Capsules Required:0


  • Self-Destruct

    Unleash stored energy in your body to explode and attack all around you.
    Energy is stored over time and whenever you attack or take damage.
    The more energy you have stored, the more powerful and wide-reaching the blast.

  • Enrage

    Temporarily increases Power and attack/movement speed.
    Using a skill while the effect is active gives you access to a special jumping attack that ends the effect.
    Increases the power of Self-Destruct while active.

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