Super Tyrant

The ultimate power and ultimate evil in one gruesome package.
All you can do is pray for death if he approaches you.


Appeared in Resident Evil 2.
Without his power-limiter coat, the Tyrant became the Super Tyrant, a living nightmare for Leon and Claire.
While he specializes in using his brawn for powerful close-range attacks, he's surprisingly quick, and is no slouch with mid-range combat either.
Once he has his victim in his sights, it's game over.

Virus Capsules Required:2


  • Dashing Strike

    A high-speed dash forward, followed by a mighty slash of his right-hand claw.
    Can change which direction he is facing mid-dash.
    Leads to a finisher when this skill is used to kill a survivor.

  • Leaping Strike

    Quickly jumps forward, then slashes downward with a wide-reaching claw swipe.
    Can change which direction he is facing mid-jump.

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