Chris Redfield

The leader of a pack of elite soldiers.
Unparalleled in his handling of creatures.

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

He enters the fray from Resident Evil Village.
A seasoned veteran and leader of the Hound Wolf Squad, an elite band of soldiers.
He's equipped with a handgun and an assault rifle.
His Indomitable Spirit skill prevents him from dying until the effect wears off.
And a straight punch from his AMG-78 Powered Exoskeleton makes short-range combat a breeze.
When it comes to close-quarters combat, Chris is king.

  • Standard Weapon

  • Personal Weapon


Passive Skill : Pride of the Original Eleven

Deals increased damage to creatures based on remaining HP when HP is lowered.


  • Indomitable Spirit

    Temporarily nullifies stagger/knockback when damaged
    and prevents death from an otherwise fatal blow.

  • AMG-78 Powered Exoskeleton

    Takes a step forward and launches a mighty punch using the power of the AMG-78 Powered Exoskeleton.
    Knocks out survivors on hit.

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