Jill Valentine

An elite police officer who's escaped countless terrors.
A master of stationary weapons and dodging, she's one tough cookie.

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

She joins the fray from Resident Evil 3.
A member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill investigated Umbrella's shady dealings in Raccoon City, escaping the monster Nemesis in the process.
She comes equipped with a handgun and an assault rifle.
Her HOT DOGGER skill allows for up to three close-range attacks. She also has Land Mines, giving her a wide array of combat options.
Her Last Escape skill boosts her Power for a limited time after she performs a Dodge.
It's a high-risk, high-reward option.

  • Standard Weapon

    Samurai Edge
  • Personal Weapon


Passive Skill : Last Escape

Boosts your Power for a limited time after dodging.
(Does not affect Land Mine Power.)


  • Land Mine

    Places a land mine in front of you that explodes when an enemy approaches it.
    Can also be detonated with an attack.


    Unleashes a powerful slash attack at close range via a HOT DOGGER.
    Can hit an opponent up to three times in a row.
    If used immediately after a Dodge, the slash attack's Power is increased, but it cannot hit multiple times.

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