Claire Redfield

A spunky college student who journeyed to Raccoon City in search of her brother.
Gain the Advantage with Disruptive Skills

Weapon Power
Skill Power
Transformed Survivability
Transformed Power

She joins the fray from Resident Evil 2.
Having lost contact with her brother, Chris, Claire made her way to Raccoon City,
where she survived hell along with Leon and Sherry.
A straightforward character equipped with a handgun and a machine gun.
Good for scrambles due to her automatic handgun reload while dodging.
Her Adrenaline Shot skill allows her to replenish her HP and Dodge gauges as well.
Claire can throw a Modified Alternator to electrocute enemies in the area, then go in for the finish.

  • Standard Weapon

    Quickdraw Army
  • Personal Weapon

    MQ 11

Passive Skill : Speedloader

Automatically reloads while dodging with Quickdraw Army equipped.


  • Modified Alternator

    Throws a modified alternator forward.
    Discharges electricity around the alternator, electrocuting enemies and dealing a small amount of damage.

  • Adrenaline Shot

    Get a shot of adrenaline
    that slightly restores HP and fills your Dodge stamina.

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